User Agreement

Thank you for using the ABox application! Please read the following User Agreement carefully to understand the legal relationship and responsibilities between you and us.

1. Usage Rules

1.1 You agree to use our application only in a legal and appropriate manner. You shall not engage in illegal, fraudulent, prankish, or activities that infringe upon the rights of others using the application.

1.2 You agree not to misuse the application, including but not limited to disrupting, damaging, or impairing the normal operation of the application.

2. App Disclaimer

2.1 Our application is provided as-is and without any express or implied warranties. We are not liable for any losses incurred due to the use of the application.

3. Modification of Services

3.1 We reserve the right to modify or terminate the application at any time without prior notice.

4. User Data

4.1 We may collect and store data related to your usage, including but not limited to your device information and application usage. We will handle this data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

5. Notifications and Updates

5.1 We may send notifications and updates related to the application through in-app notifications or email.

6. Governing Law

6.1 This User Agreement is governed by the laws of your jurisdiction.

7. Contact Us

7.1 If you have any questions or concerns about this User Agreement, please feel free to contact us at: [[email protected]].