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Real-Time Voice Changer

"ABox" is a versatile voice transformation application that helps users protect their privacy, restore confidence for individuals with vocal cord damage, and enables gender diverse individuals to express themselves freely. Whatever your needs may be, ABox provides a solution for voice freedom.

How can you use ABox?

Real-time voice changes in just three simple steps. Applicable for chatting with friends and family, gaming communication, pranks, and more. ABox will continuously update more high-quality voice types, stay tuned!


The first step is to import the desired applications into ABox.

ABox acts as a virtual counterpart to your mobile phone.


Listen and choose the voice you want to switch to, apply the new voice to your upcoming app usage.

Later, you can change to other voices anytime or switch back to your own original voice.


After switching your voice, enter the app you want to use through ABox, and enjoy real-time communication with your new voice!

ABox Features

Real-Time Voice Change

The real-time voice change feature allows you to instantly modify your voice during video chats or voice calls with others. You can hear the adjusted voice immediately during the conversation, adding fun and creativity to your communication experience.

Switching Voices Anytime

The ability to switch voices anytime allows you to adapt your voice to different social and communication situations based on various contexts or moods. Whether it's professional communication or social interactions, you can freely choose the most suitable voice, adding personality and excitement to each conversation.

Convenient and User-Friendly

ABox offers a convenient and user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily access various functions. With simple settings, you can quickly get started and enjoy the fun of voice modification without complications.

Privacy Protection

The privacy protection feature ensures the security of your voice and personal information. By using this feature, you can remain anonymous during conversations, without worrying about your voice being recorded or leaked, providing comprehensive privacy protection.

Voice of Customer

Eva Smith

ABox is like a breath of fresh air for me as an individual with damaged vocal cords. I used to feel hopeless about my voice, but this app has given me new hope. Now I can gradually recover and communicate normally with others.

Alex Johnson

ABox's voice-changing effect is very natural; no one can detect that I'm using a voice changer. This makes me feel more confident in social situations.

Maxwell Turner

As someone not very tech-savvy, I was initially worried about using ABox. However, its user-friendly interface quickly put my concerns to rest, and I got the hang of it.

Lily Martinez

I've always worried that my voice might be misused, but ABox's privacy policy has reassured me. My voice and personal information are well protected.

Oscar Davis

ABox helped me regain my confidence; I'm no longer afraid to interact with others. This app has truly changed my life.

Lucas Adams

Vocal cord issues had once robbed me of my confidence, but ABox helped me rebuild it, standing tall among the crowd.

Sophie Brown

The pitch adjustment feature in ABox is very helpful. I can adjust my voice according to different situations, ensuring I can express myself clearly.

Ethan White

I once felt isolated due to vocal cord issues, but ABox helped me reconnect with my family. Now I can interact with them more effortlessly.

Mia Wright

ABox not only provides new opportunities for my voice but also reconnects me with the world. I feel incredibly lucky to have found this app.

Ava Robinson

ABox rescued me from silence, giving me the confidence to express myself. I no longer feel constrained by my voice issues.

Noah Mitchell

ABox has given my voice a new lease on life. I'm very grateful for this app; it has changed my lifestyle and self-perception.

Isabella Taylor

ABox has been my companion on the journey of vocal recovery. I can't imagine where I would be without it. Thank you, ABox team.

Liam Parker

If you're someone with vocal cord issues, I highly recommend trying ABox. It will change your voice and your life.

Emma Johnson

ABox allows me to explore different voices safely, finding the one that suits me best. It's liberating.

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